Therapeutic riding is intended for individuals with mild to moderate physical and mental conditions. While the goal is for students to be able to ride the horse fairly independently, they will have assistance from leaders and sidewalkers. Some of the medical conditions and impairments that can experience significant improvement through therapeutic riding include:

   Ω Amputations
   Ω Anxiety 
   Ω Attention Deficit Disorder
   Ω Autism Spectrum Disorder
   Ω Cardiovascular Accident/Stroke
   Ω Cerebral Palsy
   Ω Deafness
   Ω Depression​
   Ω Developmental Delay
   Ω Down Syndrome
   Ω Emotional Disabilities
   Ω Impaired Coordination
   Ω Impaired Sensori-Motor Function
   Ω Learning Disabilities        
   Ω Mental Disabilities
   Ω Multiple Sclerosis
   Ω Muscular Dystrophy
   Ω Postural Asymmetry
   Ω Sensory Integration Disorders
   Ω Speech/Language Disorders
   Ω Spina Bifida
   Ω Spinal Cord Injuries
   Ω Traumatic Brain Injury/Stroke
   Ω Visual Impairment           

Individual Therapeutic Riding

At Rising Tide, our instructors work with each individual to establish goals with our clients, their families, medical and psychological professionals. Each lesson is specifically designed for each individual rider. 
Lessons are typically one half hour, or one hour and include tacking a horse, work in our outdoor arena and short trail rides.  
We are open year-round and lessons are weather dependent.
Thanks to donors to our scholarship fund, no one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Our Programs

"Every rider has that one special horse, that one horse who changes everything about them."

In our Hot to Trot program, we offer male and female participants 55+ an opportunity to interact with our horses, and barn life, with supervision of our experienced staff and volunteers.  According to each individual’s ability and desire, this program can be mounted or unmounted. Riding horses increases body awareness and encourages competence and confidence. Being around horses, even being unmounted has benefits such as feeling more calm, feeling a sense of purpose, lowered blood pressure, increased happiness and
Rising Tide invites you to come enjoy the equine experience. Don’t say “neigh!”

Rising Tide offers a variety of equine assisted programs that involve community members of all ages and abilities.​ We work with individuals as well as community groups such as:  Camp Jabberwocky, The Bridge Program, Project Headway, Island Autism Group, Martha's Vineyard Community Services,  Windemere Nursing and Rehabilitation, and the public and charter schools on the Vineyard.

We offer groups of two riders for semi private lessons. Goals are assessed for each rider and our instructors tailor the lessons to integrate with each riders’ goals.  Semi private lessons are one hour long.

Semi-Private Therapeutic Riding​​

Hot to Trot (for the 55+ community)

Is Therapeutic Riding Right for you?​ 

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